Flying trampoline lands on power line in Scottsdale

SCOTTSDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) – It’s not every day you catch a glimpse of a rare flying trampoline. A Scottsdale man says his trampoline ended up on top of a nearby power line.

"There was just a huge gust sound going over the house," said Aaron Carranza. "My daughter and I were watching TV, and I looked at her, she looked at me, what in the heck is going on?"

Carranza said when he went outside, he found a pool float and his trampoline hanging on the power line.

"We’ve had some good wind storms here. We’ve had gazebos blow out of the backyard, but trampoline’s never moved. It’s been there six years," Carranza said.

"First thing we did was secure the area, make sure nobody was riding their bicycles by, driving by," said Marc Hill with Scottsdale Fire Department. He said they were all shocked by what they were seeing. They called the Salt River Project, or SRP, for backup.

"He was able to get up in his bucket, raise himself up and unhook the trampoline," Hill said.

All signs point to a really strong gust of wind being responsible, or perhaps a dust devil. As far as tying it down in the future, Carranza said there likely won’t be another trampoline in their future.

"We didn’t use it anymore. Only one of our dogs did. We were just lucky he wasn’t on it," Carranza said.

The fire department was called to help.
SRP was able to get the trampoline untangled.

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