Scottsdale Teachers Getting Raises

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – In a sign of hope for Arizona teachers, the board of the Scottsdale Unified School District is giving 2.5 percent raises to its teacher starting with the next school year. That will be on top of whatever raises the state approves.

Currently, the governor is offering a raise of just over 1 percent.

The district says that the raise means that Scottsdale teachers will have received pay hikes of 14 percent over the last four years.

Even with the increase, Scottsdale teachers – along with their colleagues across the state – are among the lowest paid teachers in the country.

As Patch reported, the National Education Association – the largest national teacher’s organization – says the average pay for teachers in the state is the 37th lowest in the country.

Meanwhile, a study last year by the Morrison Institute at Arizona State University found that – when adjusted for statewide cost of living – elementary school teacher pay in Arizona is the lowest in the nation while high school teacher pay is 49th.

Arizona teachers have been staging a series of rallies and other actions to bring attention to their plight.

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