Video Shows Bobcat And Rattlesnake Fight (Guess Who Wins)

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – There was Ali-Frazier. There were the Hatfields and McCoys. Now there is the bobcat and the rattlesnake. And it didn’t go so well for one of them

An Arizona real estate broker, Laura Lucky, was showing a home in North Scottsdale when she noticed a lot of action by the side of the road.

"I had just shown a house to a family from California," she tells Patch. "I saw a bobcat by the side of the road and started slowing down so they could see it.

"That’s when I noticed the rattlesnake and quickly backed up."

Lucky snapped a photo and then started recording. (Get Phoenix Patch’s daily newsletter and real-time news alerts. Or, find your local Patch here and subscribe).

"Right before I started recording, we all saw the snake appear to bite the bobcat on the lip. The bobcat did not seem to be fazed."

Lucky says that the large cat quickly took charge.

"It was like he was playing with his food," she says.

In the end, the snake had no chance and the video ends with the cat strutting away, the snake in its mouth.

As for the family from California?

"They really enjoyed the show, though they were worried about the bobcat after it looked like it was bit," she says.

And did they make a deal on the house?

"They haven’t made an offer yet," she says. "But I’m still hopeful.

"You just never see this kind of thing actually happen."

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Photo courtesy Laura Lucky.

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